How to Keep Flies Out of Your House


It’s summertime. Kids are running in and out of the house, forgetting to close doors. And letting flies in. Have you ever laid in bed and had a fly buzzing nearby? Or worse yet, have a fly light on your face just as you are about to nod off? Pesky creatures!

How do you keep flies out of your house?   Well, I have a great solution that actually works. I have no idea HOW it works.  But it does.  Basically, you hang a little plastic bag of water and a penny above your doors, outside of your  house.  It’s that simple. While it’s not that attractive, it’s certainly better than this option.  Ewww.

Fly Away  StephanieBlue

I will admit, having little bags of suspended water above your doors does look slightly odd.  When I first did this, my husband and son thought I was punking them.  They expected the water to fall on their heads.  Visitors often ask about it.   If you are one for appearances, this might not be for you.  But, I’m telling ya….it works.   We used this technique last year and have had very few flies in our home.

I did a bit of research on this and it has actually been popular for years.   Flies have compound eyes with thousands of tiny lenses.   Their eyes are especially good at picking up movement.   One theory is that when a fly sees the reflection of the sun off of the water, they perceive it as movement and stay away.   I noticed that when we do get a rogue fly inside, it is often an overcast day.

Fly-Away How To:

1.  Fill a plastic sandwich bag about 1/3 full of away StephanieBlue

2.  Add a penny.

3. Seal, fold and tape the top to prevent any leaks.

4.  Place inside a 2nd plastic bag.

5.  Cinch and tie.

6.  Hang over doors on the exterior of your home.


For those of you who are fiber buffs, please ignore my yarn of choice.  Yes, I desecrated this super luxurious Malabrigo, hand-dyed wool.  It was handy and it didn’t take too much.  Sorry.

Here’s another natural way to keep flying insects out of the house. Honestly, it’s not that effective on flies but it does work on other flying pests.  We also keep a few fun little Venus fly traps in the house.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of these actually eat a fly but, hey, they are pretty neat anyway.

What are your thoughts on this crazy little creation?  Is this something you would try? Or does it simply not work with your exterior decor?



This post has Amazon affiliate links.  This means that I might make enough money to purchase more yarn. Maybe enough for a pair of socks.  But definitely not enough for a sweater.



  1. Cynthia says

    You know my eye went STRAIGHT to that gorgeous yarn 😉 Ok. We’re trying this!!! I’ll use stunning yarn as well, as I feel it is the very important secret ingredient to your success. Thanks for the tip!

  2. says

    I’ve seen this before and I’ll have to agree with you that it makes the fly’s vision go funny, so they avoid it. Anyways, great tip! I’m stopping by from I Should Be Mopping. I would love for you to stop by my cleaning blog. Have a fabulous week.

  3. says

    Great idea. We have a huge fly problem this year. comes from milking goats on the back porch. I will definitely give this a shot!

  4. says

    Me! I’ve done this! and yes, it is effective. Crazy, I know. Someone told me it was because light reflex prism-like off the water which makes a flies eyes crazy. Don’t know how accurate that is, but, hey! I’ll buy it!

  5. says

    Do you have to have a penny? We have coins here, but not copper ones. I’ve been wanting to do this – perhaps I will try a different kind of coin to see if it works.Thanks for linking up! I hope you’ll be back today to link up again!

    • Stephanie says

      Rosalind, someone on my FB page said that she used colored glass stones. I’ve wondered about the penny as well. It’s totally worth a try. Over on my FB page, several people have commented on how this has worked for them, too.

  6. Michele says

    I am wondering if the hanging plastic jars used to trap wasps would work as well, then all you have to do is hang them on a hook from the verandah…..

  7. Q says

    I work at a ski resort and tried this in our operator shacks. This does not work at all. Actually saw it on myth busters and was proven false..

  8. Jeri says

    I have tried this SEVERAL times and it DOES NOT WORK!!! I think maybe some of you just got lucky!! :)
    I truly wish it did!!!!!!!
    As I’m typing this I am swatting flys!!! LOL kind of!!!!

    • Stephanie says

      It has totally worked for us! And I’ve seen it at a few public places (restaurants, a campground) and they’ve had luck, too. My theory is that it works better when the sun is out. I’ve noticed that if it’s overcast, a random fly might get in. Just a theory.

  9. Jeri says

    Had to add to my last comment! I even have a fan on the doorway (a trick that I learned at a cupcake place I worked at, which usually does work but, you need several fans! :(
    Also I even put silver AND copper penny’s!!!! Just to make sure i covered ALL bases!!
    BUT, if you have a BIG fan and put it on the open door it REALLY does work! :)

  10. Megan says

    Stephanie, I have tried this method to no avail. Do you think it is because we live near a cattle ranch and the flies are immune to everything?! Maybe if we lived in town it would work better. Thank you though.

    • Stephanie says

      Hey Megan, I have had GREAT luck with this. I have noticed that when I get a fly or 2 in the house, it happens on a shadier day. My theory is that the reflection of the sun makes an impact. But I’m sorry it doesn’t work for you!

  11. Tina says

    You don’t have to have the penny, I have been doing this for years and it does work some say it’s because flies don’t like to fly around water! I did not do this last year and regretted it, my bags are going up tomorrow with the time change!

    • Stephanie says

      Well, that stinks. It totally works for me!! In fact, I have one up now as it’s already fly season here in GA.

  12. Joyce Staple says

    I first heard about this when I was reading a David Sedaris book. I thought he was kidding, but when my daughter was plagued with flies when a nearby farmer fertilized his fields, I remembered it and went on line when your website popped up. She’s definitely going to try it, even though when I first told her about it she was very skeptical. Thanks for verifying.

  13. says

    I hear from my family, “This Works”. They say wind, movement of people, makes flies leave the area? My family has been using this with what they say are a reduction of flies. Go figure.


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