Itchy, Watery Eyes…Try Lavender Essential Oil

Over the past few months, something weird has started happening.  I’ll get these crazy, itchy, watery eyes and go into sneezing fits.  If I sneeze once, I’m gonna sneeze 5 times.  And I’m not a gracious, sweet little sneezer.   I’m a big, loud sneezer.  I’m just classy like that.  Oy vey.

So…in comes lavender.  Did you know that lavender is a natural antihistamine?   A histamine is a chemical substance in the body that causes allergy like symptoms.  If you’ve ever had a bug bite, it seems to get worse when you scratch it, right?  That’s because histamines are released when you scratch.  Since lavender is an antihistamine, it can help stop the itchiness.  Not only is lavender great on bug bites but it helps those itchy, watery eyes.  When this happens, I simply take a drop of lavender and apply it around my brow bone and down along the cheekbone.  And you will notice relief pretty darn quickly.  If you need to apply more than once, that’s o.k., too.   Every 15 minutes or so would be fine.


itchy eyes

Lavender is a natural antihistamine.

Since you already have this awesome bottle of lavender, be sure to use it for bug bites, too.  My daughter stepped in a pile of fire ants.  Those things are evil, aren’t they?  A drop of lavender applied directly to the bites quickly stopped the pain.  Literally, within a minute or 2.  The real challenge was to keep her from scratching and releasing those histamines.  It’s just human nature to want to scratch.  You can also use lavender on cuts and burns, to help de-streee and to improve your sleep.  Oh, and it helps with the emotional swings associated with PMS, too.   It’s such a great, versatile oil and belongs in any natural medicine cabinet.

For the best deal on lavender, open a wholesale account and get 25% off of all of your purchases.  If you’re ready to learn how to get started with essential oils, then click the link.  I give out free Modern Essentials essential oil reference guides with the purchase of every product kit.    My hope is that you will come to love essential oils the way I do!


  1. says

    Lavender is so good for so many things. My husband and kid have great results with it after being around cats. I found you through Pinterest today. Looking forward to reading more. I would like to invite you to share this post…and any others you like, at Oil me up Wednesdays at My lamp is full!


  2. says

    Thank you very much for the advice. My eyes were going crazy with allergies this morning and I tried putting Lavender Oil around my eye after reading your post. My itchy eyes are definitely calming down! Whew!

  3. jan says

    this totally worked! I knew to use lavender, but was not sure where/how to apply for my eyes. It stopped the itching in under a minute.

    • renee says

      So glad I ran across this. I’m sure I’m doing some damage by rubbing my eyes profusely due to the itching. I have the sneezing allergy stuff under control just haven’t figured out how to combat the itchy eye problem. Thanks for posting this!

  4. Jamie Michels says

    Hi Stephanie. I’ve visited your site several times recently and am considering the package. I am interested in learning as much as I can. Other than sharing knowledge, are you aware of courses to take? Really happy to have found you

    • Stephanie says

      Hey Jamie,

      Thanks for contacting me. There are a TON of resources that are offered. Webinars, videos, interactive training on a private website. And our team FB page is great. We also do Facebook classes and that’s a great way to learn and share the oils with others, too. I’ll email you with a bit of info. Thanks for stopping by.

      I actually have an Oils of the Bible Facebook class scheduled for Thursday night, December 18, 9pm EST. You are welcome to come and here’s the link!

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