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Let’s talk supplements.  By supplements, I mean vitamins and minerals.    I truly believe that we are a vitamin and mineral deficient nation.  How many of you eat ideally?  When was the last time that you had 7-9 servings of fruits and vegetables in one day?   Seriously, many people hardly eat any fruits and veggies.  For the record, corn and potatoes don’t count.    Even if you eat really well, some days are a struggle.  Add that to the fact that traditional fruits and veggies are grown with pesticides, in mineral depleted soil and are increasingly GMO.   In this day and age,  if you are concerned about your health, you need to supplement with vitamins and minerals.    Period.

What is a high quality vitamin?

There are several high quality vitamin and mineral supplements sold today. Do not expect them to be inexpensive.  Vitamins are like shoes.  You get what you pay for.  If you purchase a pair of shoes from Wal-Mart for $8, don’t expect them to last long and to provide good arch support.  The same holds true for supplements.  If you purchase synthetic vitamins, they are not fully absorbed by the body and much is eliminated in the urine.  Look for a whole-foods based supplement that your body can actually use.   Look for a balance of vitamins and minerals.  Look for a supplement with few fillers.

Should I take fish oil?

Fish oil and omega-3 fatty acids support the immune system, joint health, the cardiovascular system and brain health.  Yes, you should take a high quality fish oil.  Do you remember taking cod liver oil as a child?  Or did your parents?  I’ll bet they did.  And, likely, they remember it because it wasn’t so tasty.  Back in the day, people took fish oil daily.  They realized the importance of fish oil and omega-3s.  The brain is 80% fat so it is crucial to nourish the brain with good fats.  Do you eat oily fish like salmon and sardines daily?  If not, you need to take a fish oil supplement.  Do you think that there might be a connection between the lack of fish oil in our diets today and the increase in dementia and Alzheimer’s?  Hmmm….


doTERRA Life Long Vitality LLV

What are doTERRA Life Long Vitality supplements?

The Life Long Vitality pack is doTERRA’s daily supplement program.  The LLV consists of 3 products:

With the Life Long Vitality pack, you have everything that you need.  Vitamins and minerals.  Fish oil and other omega-3 oils like borage, pomegranate seed and flax seed oils.  And plenty of anti-oxidents like turmuric, resveratrol (the good stuff  in red wine) and CoQ10 (great for your heart).  You take 12 pills a day:  6 in the morning and 6 at night.  It might seem like a lot at first if you aren’t used to supplementing but you quickly get into the swing of it.  For more detailed info, check out this PowerPoint presentation on the LLV.

What vitamins are good for chronic pain?

The LLV is designed to give you more energy and less pain.  It works.  It’s not magic or hype.  In fact, it’s pretty basic science.  When you give your body what it needs, it functions more efficiently.  And your body NEEDS anti-oxidants.   People who use the LLV frequently report that, after 2 or 3 months of regularly use, they have dramatically more energy and less pain.  For many, this is life-changing.

How much does the LLV cost?

The monthly price of the LLV is $74.50 a month which is a great price for three high quality supplements.  If you compare these products to others of similar quality, you just might find that the doTERRA supplements are even a bit less.  If you participate in doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards program, the price  averages to be approximately $55 a month after you have participated for 13+ months. For many people, particularly those in chronic pain, $75 a month is less than doctor bills, pain medication co-pays and trips to the chiropractor.  It’s difficult to put a price on pain relief.

Folks, this is good stuff.  I am an admitted supplement snob.  My family has used supplements for years.  I research and look for high quality products.  I don’t mind paying for quality when it comes to my food and supplement.  Oh, and my shoes.  But that’s another post.

For those who are ready for radical health improvement, click here to get started with the Life Long Vitality supplements.  For so many people, these supplements are truly life-changing.  Let me know if you have any questions.  I don’t want you to miss out on feeling better.  You deserve it!


  1. Trish Kates says


    I have recently received the LVP and am looking at how much to take and when. On each bottle it says to take 4 pills daily, of each, so 16 a day. That’s fine but then your article says to take 12. My other concern is that I don’t want to take anything that might give me energy at night so should those be taken in the morning?

    I would be grateful for your input.

    Thank you.

    Trish Kates

    • Stephanie says

      Actually, there are 3 bottles. You would take 2 from each bottle, which is 12. Some people take a does in the morning and then a dose in the afternoon. It doesn’t bother me to take it at night though.

      Make sure you are signed up for a wholesale account to get the best price. Otherwise, you will pay nearly double.

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